Ten Most Haunted Places in India

Ten Most Haunted Places in India


ten most haunted places in India


Hi friends!! This time I will show you the ten top most scariest, haunted and forbidden places of  India. Actually I don’t know weather you are afraid of Ghost or not.May be some of you don’t believe in the existence of them either. Although you can’t explain the reason behind these paranormal activities too. But trust me I am still afraid of pitch dark nights or witches. Whatever you say, but I can bet you that if you believe in Ghost and reading a Ghost novel or watching a scary movie at late night alone inside a house, then you will must feel the lightning crashes and thunder booms, guttural voice, creepy crying of a small boy or rattling the doors and windows. Even if you don’t then read this haunted incidents, to some extent you will start realizing about such negative energies. 

Shaniwar wada Front View

Dilli Darwaja 

1. Swaniwar wada (pune, India) - a 16 year old Peshwa

Brief History

In the year of 1730 Bajirao Biswanath made this Fort in the heart of  Pune city of Maharashtra, India. In Marathi language wada means wooden made. Once there were 120 rooms in this fort. At a time 1000 people could live there and the cost came to build this palace was approx 16000 Indian Rs. There were five doors. Namely Dilli Darwaja(as it was faced towards Delhi), Mastani Gate(cause Bajirao’s second wife used to use this gate),  Ganesh Darwaja, Khidki Gate, last and the most mysterious gate Narayan Gate. The Dilli Darwaja was quite tall, strong and having big sharp nails to prevent the enemy elephants to break the gate. Once it was a 7th story wooden building. At a time 1000 dancers used to dance in their dancing hall. But in 1828, this palace was burnt into ashes after a massive fire which continued for almost seven days. A thousand fountain called ‘Sahashradhara’ was made for Madhavrao Peshwa.     

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A century back

Inside view From Upstairs

Shaniwar Wada From Outside

Sahasradhara- Thousand Fountain

Killing Of Narayanarao

His Body Was Cut Into Pieces And Thrown Into River

Horror Story

From the very beginning this fort was cursed. The first wife Kashi bai and her son started to hate Bajirao. Bajirao got really hurt and died pretty early. Then the seventh peshwa got killed by falling to the eighth fountain near the Ganapati Rang Mahal. And here the real horror story comes. The 16 years old boy, Narayanrao was given the throne after the death of his brother at war. But his uncle couldn’t take this easily and conspired against his nephew Narayanrao who was only 16 years old that time to capture the throne. Although before being  killed,  Narayanrao got to know that something terrible going to happen but he couldn’t help himself. That time he was crying out for help by saying, ” Uncle, please save me ” or in Marathi “kaka mala vachwa”. Even his cruel uncle and aunt cut the boy into pieces and thrown them into the river. From then the creepy sharp crying of that 16 year old Narayanrao can still be heard. Now in full moon and the arrival of dark, the fort becomes haunted. It is said that Narayanrao still wanders and asks for help. `

Pune is 200 kms away from Mumbai. You can go either by bus or train. it will take almost 5 hours.

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2. Dow Hills(Karseong, India) - A headless boy & a witch

Dow Hills  Woods

The Witch

The most haunted hill station of India. It is 30 kms away from Darjeeling,West Bengal. The scenic beauty of this place is awesome. But there is a mystery always waiting for you. This area is covered by a vast dark forest. And afer dark it will give you goosebumps. Here there are two ghosts roam around not only one. For the wood cutters this jungle is nothing but a trembling experience. Everyone is frightened to talk about this. A small headless boy and a witch always wander in this woods. A headless boy often follows you and if you turn back then he will disappear in the woods. 


The Abandoned Church

The Backyard Of Old Down Hills Boy’s School

The Scariest Road Of Down Hills

A white saree witch will frighten you with a creepy guttural sound. The abandoned church is also haunted but the scariest haunted place is between the downhill road and forest office. Even in broad daylight everyone avoids this road. Here a school called Victoria Boys School is one of the most haunted place too. The villagers listen to some noises at night like playing, muffled smiles of children even when the school remains closed (at winter season).  They also believe also the story of pig ghost. So don’t go outside there alone. Many people was killed in the jungle and who went in the woods, either he came back with mental disability or never came back. It is said that always a red eye is watching over you. So be careful 

The Entry Gate Of Kuldhara

The Debris Of The Village

3. Kuldhara (rajasthan) - 84 abandoned villages

It is located 18 kms away from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It is also known as the ‘villages of  the ghost’ or ‘the cursed village’. In `1130 the paliwal brahmin community first settled there with only 40 families. Then they spreaded in 83 other native villages. Nowadays all the 84 villages are empty. Cause those who tried to settle there, something very bad happend to them. That time the Paliwals knew the use of black magic. As of now many paranormal teams from Inida , New Zealand and other countries came here and mentioned about something negative energy. Even  That time, this community was quite advanced in science. The built their houses scientifically. In summer days the temperature always remains above 45 degree. But they built their houses in such a way that cold breeze could come into their homes and maintain the temperature quite low. They invented a technology so that the rain water couldn’t be able dried out but stored under the sand . They could able to cultivate the dead field too. 

The Inside Road

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Cursed Village

The Scientefic Houses Of Kuldhara

Well Decorated Rooms

The Secret Passages


Real Story

The tale behind is quite dramatic. That time Salam Singh, the Diwan or the tax collector of this area was very cruel and unscrupulous person. He always levy a huge amount of tax upon the villagers. It was even all going good. Here the twist came, someday he  noticed the so pretty, young attractive daughter of Kuldhara’s village chief. Then he tried to talk to her. But the girl refused. Then he sent a letter to the village chief stating that he wanted to marry her daughter. Although the chief rejects and said no . As the Diwan was characterless and was of other caste. Girl was brahmin but he was Kshatriya. So he eats non veg too. It was also the reason. Then the Diwan got angry and sent  an order to the village that if you don’t give the girl he will levy a huge amount of taxes as well as he will capture the girl. For the villagers it was quite a tough time. The situation was life and death along with their prestige. So they called a meeting at a temple secretly. All  chiefs of 84 villages took part. A historical result came out. They decided to leave the villages secretly. Surprisingly 5000 people of all 84 villages fled away through the secret passages of their houses within a single night. And it was like a magic. They all left the place in a single night and administration didn’t come to know anything. May be this was the biggest escape in the history of human being. But they cursed the village before leaving.    

4. The Royal Fernhills palace (ooty) India - Invisible ghost

The Fernhills Palace is  located at ooty (Nilgiri Hills), the famous hill station of India. Actually it was the summer palace of the Maharaja of Mysore. It was built in the year of 1844. During British era it became the country club of the Ooty. Now it has been shut down after the shooting of Hindi movie Raaz. A well known choreographer and her dance team felt the existence of  supernatural power. On that foggy winter cold  night, The shooting team went to the bed early. Cause on the very next dawn the shooting was scheduled. What they experienced was quite unnatural. A invisible thing was rearranging the room which was situated on the first floor. The crew called at the reception but the phone was dead. So they went down to the reception for complaining. But the receptionist escorted them to outside  and showed that there was no floor above. As of now the palace is closed due to this haunting experiences.  

Ghost Seen At Ooty

Inside Of The Palace



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Delhi Cantonment Road

Exact Location

5. delhi cantonment - A lady with white saree




Many of you may hear about the thrilling story of the Delhi cantonment backside road. By the way there is war cemetery within 2 kms. It is itself a quite thrilling place. 

Real Story

Once a lady was passing through this cantonment road with her son. Suddenly a car rammed and killed the boy. For that lady it was a great loss. She got mad apparently asked repeatedly for justice everywhere. As the owner of the car was having the strong political background, nothing happened ton him. After few days, the lady came on that same cantonment road and committed suicide by setting herself on fire.  Then it spreaded that if anyone crosses that road at night , the white saree woman follows the car in same speed or asks for lift. sometime slaps them too. 

Real Ghost Seen  By A Team

The White Saree Lady

War Cemetary

The Jungle Beside The Road

The Shadow Of a White Saree Lady

This is all for today friends. Hope You  got frightened enough. Next time I will come with the next 5 haunted places in India. till then good bye….please comment….




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