How to reach lakshadweep

Hiiiiiii !! This is your storyteller here. If you are planing for Lakshadweep and don’t know how to reach there, then this is the best blog for you, “How to reach Lakshadweep” . After choosing the packages  from my last blog- .   Grant the permission then. I would suggest you to read my blog . As you are a tourist, the only way for you to reach Lakshadweep is first you need to reach Kochi (Kerala). Otherwise the island passengers can go from Mangalore(Karnataka), Beypore(Kerala), Calicut(Kerala). But you are not authorized to board there. So there are only two ways to reach. Either by Ship or by flight to Agatti, the only airport of Lakshadweep. If you are going by ship then you must come to scanning center Ernakulam (Kochi). From kochi  international airport it is 1.15 hour journey. And Ernakulam south train station 30 mints with traffic but from Ernakulam north it will take 45 mints with traffic approximately. If you are going by fight then don’t need to go anywhere else. Just be there at Kochi international airport. 


Lakshadweep passenger ship is berthed at kochi Harbour

Boarding at Lakshadweep passenger ship

By Ship:- 

There are almost 07 Government passenger ships for Lakshadweep. Names- MV Kavaratti, MV Lagoon, MV Corals, MV Arabian sea, MV Minicoy, MV Aminidivi, MV Lakshadweep Sea. Just take a cab or auto and reach the scanning center near Thopampady junction. Then CISF will check and scan your bag. And please dont carry any alchohol or liquid type thing except water. After that they will arrange a  bus for you to board the ship. It will take almost 15 to 20 hours to reach the destined island. Don’t worry ship will stop at few islands to disembark the island passengers.

As the sea depth is quite low or non availability of berthing big ships, ships have to put their anchor few nautical miles(1 nm = 1.85 meter) away from the islands. 

So you will be transferred to a small boat to reach the island. I can bet you that embarking on this boat will be a thrilling adventure for lifetime. Although I have seen  many older people doing it easily So don’t be afraid . The duty persons will help with their heart out and for them safety is paramount.


They will provide you at first the life saving jackets. Just know the operation of it and have fun.

transferring the tourists from ship to island

Reaching the island


By Air:- 

If you are going by air. Then you have to take flight from Kochi international airport to Agatti. This is the only way by air. Air India has 06 flights a week from Kochi except sunday.

Beautiful Agatti airport


Landing to Agatti airport


The Helicopter service is also available for any emergency.  By the way it really  works. And all the islands are interconnected with small AC passenger boats.


These are every possible ways to reach the Lakshadweep. I hope you liked it. Thank you very much for being with me. 


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