“We are not makers of history ………We are made by history”- ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’

History of Lakshadweep is quite interesting. It hasn’t been written anywhere precisely. The story is being passed by various legends. These islands  were first discovered by the Greek sailors in the 1st century as a source of tortoise cell.


The  foreign travelers like Al Biruni, Marco Polo mentioned about the ‘VIRGIN GREEN’. However the first foreigner to set foot on the shores of Lakshadweep was none other than The Great Vasco Da Gama.


              The first settlement was happened during the rule of last king of Kerala, Cheraman Perumal. He was converted to Muslim by the influence of Arab merchants. Then he moved out of his capital without  informing anyone for Mecca.  


It is believed that the king’s boat was capsized by a severe  storm and shipwrecked on the island known as Bangaram nowadays. They took shelter at Agatti island. Then they found some other islands while returning to the mainland after improvement of weather. Andrott, Kavaratti, Kalpeni  were the first islands to be occupied. Then gradually moved to other islands called Agatti, Chetlat, Kiltan, Kadmat. 

                  Here comes an amusing story. In & 7th century Islam came. It is said that St. Ubaidullah fell asleep while praying at Mecca. Then he dreamt that prophet Mohammed wanted him to leave Jeddah and visit other places in the world to spread Islam. So next day he left Jeddah(Saudi Arab) on a ship but he got a heavy storm after months  of sailing. His ship wrecked at the shore of Amini island. Then he dreamt of prophet again and asked him to spread islam through out the islands. So he started spreading Islam but the Chief of the island got angry and ordered him to leave. He did not quit. Here comes a cinematic twist.    

A beautiful young woman of this island fell in love with him. He then named her Hameedat Beebe before marrying her. As a result the chief of the island became furious and tried to kill them. Surrounded by the chief and his supporters, St. Ubaidullah prayed to the almighty and surprisingly they became blind. Though their vision restored after saint and his wife left for the Andrott island and continued his conversion mission. In spite of being protested he succeeded to convert them all. He spent his last days at Andrott islands. 

PORTUGUESE INVASION:-   With the arrival of Portuguese in India made Lakhadweep an important place for the traders. Now this was beginning of plunder. They looted the ships with full of coir of islands. They forcibly landed to the Amini in the early 16 th  century. But it is believed that all those invaders were poisoned by the islanders.

          Though the entire community were converted to islam , The Hindu raja of Chirakkal reigned the territory for few years. Then it went to Muslim hand. The Karakul rule was getting intolerable. Some islanders from Amini went to meet  Tipu Sultan at Mangalore in 1783 to request him to take over the territory. But Tipu had a friendly relation with the Beebi of Arakkal. Then Laccadive were divided into 5 parts which were ruled by Tipu Sultan, and rest of them controlled by the Arakkal house.

BRITISH ERA :-    In 1799 the battle of srirangpatna, Tipu lost. Then a severe cyclone hit the coast in 1847. Then the king took a loan from the British for providing relief material but later he couldn’t repay the debt. As a result The British East India company took over the administrative control of these islands. Then they put a Lakshyadweep regulation act in 1912. Which prevents the outsiders from entering the islands.

Then India got independence in 1947. In 1956 Govt. come up with State Reorganization Act . In 1973 Laccadive was named as Lakshadweep.       

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