About Me

“If you want to learn more about me, you’re in the right place. Hey! this is spartanz91(not like 300 Spartans of Greece). Iwas born and brought up in kolkata(India).  I am a social worker. My religion is human being.  My journey was  quite rough when I left home but unfortunately I kept going. Hence Darwin uncle’s “Survival Of The Fittest” proves true. 🙂   




“Not all those who wander are lost”

Hey there! I am Spartanz91, behind this travel blog, I've been traveling the world for the last seven years to explore and taste the beauty of this incredible earth. I m here to inject the adventure in you.


What if you ask me ?  why you have started writing blogs. I don’t know honestly.Technically I am not a blogger. I am a story teller. Not like your Grandpa or Grandma..haha.. I have been on the road for last seven years almost and still out there.  Exploring the Earth on my way. So I want to share my experience thinking that it will be very helpful for you as i have been working in grass root level. Hope you will enjoy my company( like Manchester City enjoying Tim Company for years..:-)….). And if you don’t then it will be your loss. One thing I want to cry out that I love traveling but I truly afraid of packing my suitcases. My motto will be to inspire and inject as much as information possible. So that can experience fun too than harassment in outer world. If you love my blog, then please let me know. If any post hurts you then I do apologize heartily. My simple intention is to give you fun out of the world. So cheers!!!! buddies and thanks a ton for reading this boring article patiently.        

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